So it goes without saying, just a few months after I purchased a brand new Garmin 610 Forerunner, Garmin comes out with their brand new FR620 and FR220 models.  I seem to have the same crappy luck with cell phones.  If I buy the latest model, before you get the thing home it is already outdated.

Anyways, as of the time I have written this this post, the Garmin FR620 and FR220 models are just about ready to ship out to stores everywhere.  In fact, you can already pre-order this watch directly from Amazon. I did, now the wait.

Since it is not generally available yet, I have not had an opportunity to personally try it out, but I did get a pretty thorough demonstration from my local Garmin representative who showed it off at my local running store.  I have to say it is quite impressive in its capabilities.  The only negative thing I can say about the 620 is that I believe a lot of the features are frankly “cool”, but I am not so sure I “really” would use them that often.  It just depends if you are someone who is more into really analyzing data, or just want some really cool things to occasionally look at for curiosity sake.  If not, then go with a cheaper model with less features.  A good alternative at the complete opposite spectrum of features is the Garmin Forerunner 10.  But it will get the job done.

sc-01-lgLike the Garmin 610 model, the new Forerunner 620 model comes packed with more than enough features.  In fact, probably more than the average fitness runner needs.  The 620 comes in the following colors of Black/Blue or White/Orange as shown. As for features, have a look at this comparison chart of sports and top tactical watches or these aviator watches to see how outdoor features can overlap.

The only other thing I noticed is that the version the rep shared was still in early release and was expected to have more firmware releases to improve the functionality of the watch and stability.  By the time it hits the market (November, according to Amazon’s pre-order notice), it should be ready for prime-time.

With that said, Garmin is comparing the watch in its marketing campaign to having your own running coach.  As a running coach, and I am biased, that seems like a far stretch.   Here is a nice video they put together to show off some of the features: