Military winter bootMilitary boots have always been a great support for soldiers. Since the Roman soldiers, who wore leather Sandals on the field of battle, armies from all over the world began to understand the importance of protecting the legs on the battlefield and beyond. Thus, a new industry was born: the manufacture of durable footwear for outdoor use, waterproof, designed for different types of terrain, in a word: military boots.

Soldiers were among the first people who benefited from this new type of footwear, namely military boots. Military boots were the ones that helped soldiers to take up difficult missions, terrain, especially mountain ranges.
The field is always in need of appropriate equipment, high quality, that can be relied on.

There have been instances in which even the smallest imperfection in boots sent military soldiers in critical situations, accidents, etc. Try to descend an icy mountain slope, wearing something else than quality boots designed specifically for this type of activity, and you will notice the difference between a military boot and another type of boot.

Military boots are among the most robust products on the market. Their special design makes the foot feel comfortable, and at the same time, feel protected against moisture, cold, dust, etc. Thus, when you wear proper footwear, you will always be safe and will benefit from the comfort.

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Depending on the boot, the outer sole is soft or very strong, able to cope with a long hiking or a hard climb, and with the rugged terrain in case of rapid intervention in an emergency situation. On some models you can attach spikes in case of need. The inner sole is also contributing to the necessary balance. The top layer is breathable and foam that is your inner composition is not easily deformed, but takes the form of foot to lock properly. These layers remove sweat, so you can take your mind from the moisture that creates a maximum discomfort when doing long trips in nature and the mountains. Also, the inner sole is designed in such a way that minimizes the chance of blisters and corns to occur, and reduces fatigue and muscle contraction.